Feb. 18th, 2008

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Or should that be "Instant Karma's Gonna Get you?"
Remember my job drama from last year?

Um she called me.
She was fired. She refused to commit medicaid fraud. She says.

I go back and forth between giggling secretly a little, being a little pissed at the sanctimonious tone she's taking, and being sympathetic to her situation. But I mostly, really, don't care. You fight your battles sweetheart...I'll fight mine. I'm too old to think every human being I love, or loved, or care about what happens to is my responsibility.

I heard that a little girl I know with Rhett's Syndrome has been sent to an institution.
She was a girl that broke my heart. Most of the time I deal with the kids okay. They just are. They are not a sad story.

But she... she was obviously so much in pain, so agitated. It would come over her, almost like possession or something, and she'd scream and pull her hair and scratch and claw. If I believed in possession... I imagine it was some sort of seizure activity. I didn't spend a lot of time with her, but I spent a few long hours and long nights, here and there, trying to convince her to calm down and sleep. I've gotten past the point where I hold kids who might hurt me, but I held her one night until she stopped panicking and fell asleep. Once you do that, once you are allowed that moment with someone, you are bonded in a way that you can't erase, even if they don't even remember it the next day.

Yeah... didn't I just say I was too old for this?

I think of her in a room somewhere, screaming and pulling at her hair. And I'm not worried much about my ex-boss and her problems.


Feb. 18th, 2008 11:47 pm
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Apparently Loch Journal didn't eat my post.
My XO laptop is messed up on its time zone. Apparently it's 12 hours early.

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Blogging while watching T.V. Only clean up, editing, etc during commericals.

A&E Intervention
53 - Brooke
Monday, February 18th 09:00 pm ET
Tuesday, February 19th 01:00 am ET

Brooke, 26, was a beautiful teenager with a magnetic personality. An elite gymnast on the cheerleading squad, she looked forward to a successful and athletic life. But tragedy struck in her senior year when she was crippled by Still's disease, an early form of rheumatoid arthritis. Her doctors prescribed narcotics to ease her pain, but Brooke soon became addicted. Her heartbroken family has sought new treatments to help Brooke, but she denies she's an addict. Now her family has turned in desperation to their last hope--an intervention.
my thoughts while watching it )


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