Mar. 6th, 2008

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... and the letter D from [ profile] starrthinks

10 D things I like

1 D. (my hubby)

2 Dungeons and Dragons -- not that I ever was a player, but it was like heavy metal or something. To know about something existing, even if I could only experience through media and not directly, just gave me so much faith that the world was way cooler than my hometown of 200 people.

3 dogs

4 Daisy, my fatass cat (and her brother Rudy)

5 dessert

6 dynamo label maker -- I love mine to an embarrassing fault (dude, I'm reaching here)

7 DeGarmo, as in Chris, as in guitar god, as in man who broke my heart when he left the band (although I love Stone now too...)

8 Delaware -- it's so tiny and cute for a state. I know, I really am reaching here

9 Datsun, my family's 1980 little silver Datsun hatchback. I have great memories of that car. Three kids, black vinyl interior, 500 miles to Arkansas every summer. Oh yeah!

10 dishwashers

Okay. Comment and you get a letter.....
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Um, looking on the weather blog of our local TV station to see if I have a chance at staying home tomorrow and I see this post.

Dude... um ... I really thought that global warming was pretty much an accepted thing. This seems like bad science (tm) What bothers me is the "they are both right" attitude. Um, no? The two sides are not equal.

Okay, and on reading the blog my weatherman's blog links to, I can see it's really an anti-global warming blog. Within a month, there have two articles titled "Artic temputures aren't especially high" and "Researchers find natural cause for high artic temperatures" or something to that effect.

So, my weatherman says that there is some truth to the fact that the earth is warming AND it's cooling.

This guy says that the earth is cooling off, that the temperatures in the artic are not high, but there's a natural reason they are high. Sorry guys. You can't have it both ways. That's bad science and a party foul. You weigh the evidence and go with what is most valid.


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