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So I walk into the vet, a cat carrier under each arm.

"I am carrying about 25 pounds of evil" I tell them.

They laugh.

They will not be laughing soon when they try to examine the little bastards.

I miss my babies. I hate taking them to the vet.
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Update 936.

Turds scooped:  2 million

Last night, I cleaned every surface of the basement and moved the litter box to the top of the stairs, hoping they'd forget that the basement floor was a good place to poop.

All was well.

Everytime I hear one of my darlings scratching in the box, I get up and run to reward him/her with kitty treats.

I even cleaned it as soon as I came home. 
 But today, I typed away, innocently, until I smelled IT.

Oh no!

Sure enough...  someone had done her business in the basement.  She had to WALK PAST the litter box to go down the stairs and do it. (Our stairway has no door so there is no way to block access to it.)

As I picked up scoop to remedy situation, I almost fell down the stairs and my feet were suspiciously wet.

Oh no!  Has the rebellion taken a new and sinister form?  Has the Daisy-cat begun pissing out side of the box too?

Then I remembered -- I had heard that coating the sifting parts of the litter box with cooking spray makes it easier to clean.  I forgot which direction I was pointing the cooking spray in at the time. 

S. "Did you coat the stairs with cooking oil?"

Me: *shrug and sheepish grin.*  There was nothing to say.

I need to go down there and clean up the mess.  But I damn near launch myself everytime I do it. 
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Cats 500 Humans 1

I fought the litter rebellion until I was sick and sweaty and smelled like a litter box.  I get obsessive compulsive at this hour -- it's 11 pm and decide that not only does the litter need to be cleaned, but every inch of the basement needs to be vacuumed so the cats won't keep pooing on the floor.  Then every empty box of litter gets taken out.  Along with two weeks worth of recycling.  And I clean off the porch while I'm at it.  And clean the toliet.  And scrub the litter box with bleach.

Because I don't trust myself to finish any of it when I wake up.  Or even attempt it again for six days. 

So, my list of must-dos for tomorrow a.m.Mostly for my reference
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Working hard to curb the litter rebellion!

Poo in the damn box, kitties!  it makes life so much easier!


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