Sep. 21st, 2005 09:02 am
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My tweakiness is over. For now.

Apparently I can't handle two provigils. Down to one and half.
Was fine Sat. Went to Eureka Springs with my 20 year old, saw Thrornchrown Chapel, ate lunch, met friends, got picture taken, looked for gigantic stumpy Christ of the Ozarks, came home, cleaned and organized my office. All night. Until 5 am.
Woke up Sunday, did okay. Didn't take my 2 pills till later. Baaaaadddd Idea. Found myself lying awake, dizzy at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am. Was supposed to have papers graded for class. Canceled. Couldn't even move. Was tweaked. Sat and watched things spin.
Woke up Monday, took my pills, slept till 4 pm, got up, took care of 4 year old Still, though, awake all night. Things were spinning.

Got 1 1/2 hours of sleep before setting off to take care of the 12 year old. Then went to school, apologized to my students for hours straight as they came in for meetings (no, but I'll have your papers tomorrow) and then went home and crashed. Finally, I feel back on schedule today, although very behind. I am embarassed that I always do this right around paper-handback time.

Here I am. Feeling better. No papers graded, but oh well.

Back on track. STaying with 1 1/2 pills for now.

Hurricane Rita hits this weekend. All of the astrodome evacuees are now in Arkansas.

That's not even the evacuees from Hurricane Rita. These are left over Katrina evacs.

Blues, Bikes, and BBQ hits next weekend. All Hurricane Katrina evacs that were living in local hotels will probably get kicked out. Last year, according to the volunteer coordinator, there were no hotel rooms within 5 hours of BBB. *sigh*

I had two trainings with two agencies on the same day and same time. This sucks. I don't want to work for three agencies, but I feel like it's not my choice. I want to contact the family of the 20 year old and say that I really don't want to migrate agencies with her. But I'm loyal to her. I LIKE her. She's great. But I can't run around and do paperwork for three different people, do trainings and meet at offices, etc.

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Hang on Texas...

Am hoping this is post-Katrina hype and pans out to be more like Ophelia. But it's already a Cat. 4. When I went to bed last night, it was a Cat 1. Damn.

Helloooooooooooo global warming.

Everyone, please please please, if you can at all, take your pets with you. Or call your humane society.

But get the hell out of town.
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After the storm, the angelman community started a distribution list to keep families in supplies -- diapers, etc.  One family that we had never talked to before suddenly popped up.  Twins, a mother with CP, etc.  A long list of stuff.

Of course everyone sent them everything they could.

And then I get this email on the listserv:

 we are sorry we're not storm families the packages we can get to the red
cross or sent to the right donation place.  Michael went to the church to
the repent of his sins when they confronted him.  but  we're coming to the
list and telling u all that we did it and we sorry We can send the put the
stuff that got to us back in the mail when i get the money, donate it, or do
a payment plan to pay everyone  back.  Hope everyone can forgive us GBU.


I hate when people don't give because they say things like "How do I know if they need it?"  Those are the same people that try to talk me out of what I think is my better nature.  I HATE it when these people are proved right. 
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Okay, I have only been seeing very little news. Is it true that Bush took responsibility for the hurricane deaths? Did anyone see this?

What did you think?

I don't have it in my soul to be generous to the man. But maybe he's done something that I can admire.
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The point isn't that this shows that we aren't ready to respond to a terrorism attack.


What I hear in "this shows us we aren't safe" statements is:
"Wow, the deaths of poor black people show us that we really aren't ready to respond like we thought when it's rich white people in D.C. that are threatened. We won't know what to do when it really counts. That needs to be fixed."
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Worked with my girl today.

Good day.
bought $30 of what the news is calling "African American Hair products" at Sallys for evacuees.

Problem: me = blonde hehehe

I tried to play all cool and act NOT clueless but I finally had to ask to clerk for help.


No naps today. heheheh

Problem -- trying to go to bed early, but the Queensryche benefit concert is being broadcast live. I wanna stay up and record it,

What to do, what to do>

Little sister's birthday. She cried all day because her fiance proposed to her on this day. They've since broken up. But she HATES our grandma.... *sigh* It's always all about my sister. I understand she's struggling, but I get so tired of it.

Sometimes I want things to be about me! Is that bad? How are you? How are you doing? Can I help YOU out?

Then I remember last week all of my friends and family gathered to bless my union with S. with dish towels and cat pillows. Need to remember that.
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The problem with loving a band that has a clue is that most of their fans don't.
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