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Got rid of a box of wedding shit. Freecycle
Getting rid of more tomorrow. Freecycle Boxing up costumes to donate as soon as I find a box big enough. Camp Barnabas. Sending out my canon communicator to someone to fix up. Eureka Kids.
My bed goes as soon as she can get a truck. Mom of boy with autism Waiting for the okay from S's sister to donate the box of silverware. Camp Barnabas Picking up a sit and spin for my 4 year old Freecycle Bags of off in the trunk I got for 25 cents a bottle and 2 cents for a 3 pack of towlettes, waiting to be donated to respite camp.

Going to ebay a few books, my sister's leftover craft creches, my lens, my wedding dress.

YAY! for getting rid of junk!!!!!!
Yay for it going to people who need it.
Yay for little tax help there as well.
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If getting married is the happiest day of my life...

The day I throw ou all the accumulated magazines, tulle, hand me down decorations, bridal planners (?!??) decorating ideas, etc. has to be a CLOSE runner up!


Nov. 5th, 2005 08:29 pm
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Once I get my shit together, I have decided to have an ebay garage sale.

I think I want to ebay my wedding dress. It's beautiful, I LOVE it, but it's not as if I'm going to wear it again. It can either sit in my mom's closet with her wedding dress (a 1070s miniskirt thing) our prom and 8th graduation formals (mostly hideously pink -- except my prom dress was kewl) , and my sister's wedding stuff, which has never be worn, OR it can go on to make someone else very happy.

What do you think?
Will I regret this?
It's a beautiful dress. I love it.

Other shit I'm selling - -my camera lens,my sister's leftover craft shit, misc. household items. I might even sell the white docs. Will post a link when I start to sell.
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So far this week, I've gained a husband and permanently lost my keys.

Can I trade back?

Somewhere in the madness, my keys got taken by godknows who.

Oh, ya, picture preview:
This is only the first of like 500 pics she took. 
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So, um...I'm married.

It was awesome!
It really looked like I spent thousands of bucks or something (and well, I might have.  I've stopped looking).  It went really really well.

It was absolutely perfect! 

Going to bed now.

love you all


Oct. 29th, 2005 12:40 am
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I need a pagan!
Not just any pagan!

I'm working on my vows and the wedding service. Could someone fairly knowledgable about samhain (sp?) help me make sure that I have accurately represented it? Can I email?


Oct. 28th, 2005 02:42 pm
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It's almost heeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee.............


Oct. 27th, 2005 02:20 pm
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Yes, I have long nails.
I'm so freaking glam.
Now, to type with them. 

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!!  I *heart* you all!
P.S.  bonus -- I don't need a stylus for my PDA with these.

P.S. again -- I paid $60 for nails, manicure, etc.  Is that normal?

i feel...

Oct. 26th, 2005 11:08 pm
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Just strange.
I slept for like 15 hours yesterday.  note to self -- take the provigil.
I just feel...weird.  Can't explain it.
My sister's here.  S's parents are here.  Tomorrow and Friday are dedicated to wedding stuff.  But man... I don't know.  I guess I need a good nights sleep.

I miss my Daddy suddenly.
That's part of it.


more shit

Oct. 25th, 2005 01:02 am
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Despite the fact that S. is still grumpy and that i've spent too much money and I'm not sure how the conservative parents of one of my kids will treat the gay people at my party (please don't let it be horrible!) and it's to cold so we might have to move it indoors and we have to call everyone and change the time and the vows aren't done and the appointments aren't booked and Anton and David need a hotel room and the house is a mess and I still have to grade papers and I called off clas and spent the day in bed...

I'm happy.

It's stupid how happy I am. 

Maybe because this isn't something I've dreamed about forever, about how this day would make me so happy and all I needed was a fill-in-the-blank groom.  Every single brochure that mentions "happiest day of my life" I throw away.

It's not about getting married.  I'm marrying S.  Big difference. 

I'm stupidly happy to have all my friends and family coming out for us...  they're doing this for us.  How crazy!!!!!  :)
It's not even about marriage at this point.  It's just about celebrating what we have, what we've done so far, and everyone around us. *gush*
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Hi1  I'm interested in hiring someone to do video for my wedding.
What are your basic prices?

We are able to do the editing ourselves.  We just would like to have
better quality video to work with. :)  Thanks
Matthew J.
 to me

If you do in fact edit on a regular basis, then you certainly must realize
what a difference and transformation an edit can make.

For that and other reasons, we insist on 100% creative control of a
wedding film, from acquistion to delivery of the completed production.
Simply stated, our clients come to us for an artistic and unique
perspective of a their very special day. We are not simply a service. As
such, perhaps we are not the best fit for your needs.

Thanks for your interest and inquiry.

Well, ladefreaking dah!  Just tell me you can't do that.   Don't get all high and mighty.  Sorry to insult your delicate artistic ego!

(btw, I KNOW that people who are professionals get annoyed when hobbyists think "I can do that."  But dammit, your email says you work in a school.  Don't get all snippy with me because I asked if you could provide a service different from the one you usually provide.  That's why I ASKED!) 
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S. is sick and pretty grouchy right now.
I am absolutely sure Iwant to spend the rest of my life with him.
I am not, however, all that sure about spending the rest of the weekend with him.
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Productive bridezilla me spent about 6 hours tearing up the town, buying shit left and right.
Then I came back and spent a few hours working on my kid's online pecs. PECS is how he communicates -- It's the picture exchange system. He carries around a book with hundreds of little pictures that I've cut out, laminated, and then velcroed. The problem is, those things get lost so easily. I come home and I find a thousand of them stuck to my shoes.

90% of his pictures are on one of two programs that everyone around him has access too. But, some things he does better with real pictures for. For instance, his house, his favortie foods that we can't find on the photo CD, etc. But that's such a pain. I take pictures for the OT and she loses one. How does she find me to get a copy? So, I've moved the unique pics that I have online. It's
I know the mom doesn't care, so I'm not worried about positing this publicly. His school images are password protected, though, because other kids are on there.

Isn't he handsome?
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My god, I'm such a girl!!!

I even have Crest whitestrips on my teeth!! HELP!!! [livejournal.com profile] gravedirt, save me from myself!!!!!!!!!
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I'm jumping up and down and screaming!!
they are PERFECT!
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So... the zip on our wedding rings?
Totally off.
Totally and completely!

Will we get them in time?
WE don't know.

I'm surprisingly calm. We'll use cheap stand ins if we have to.

shawls are here
vests are here

plans for receptions still fuzzy, but oh well
we shall wing it with grace and aplomb. (is that a word? where have I heard it? Am I using it correctly?)

Ahhh... the adventure of the Ring. It makes me smile.

By the way, it's trying to go to Santa Ana, CA, not Arkansas. Can't blame it, really, and it's trying to go near the place that S. and I got together. Romantic, really.

Word of advice -- if ya wanna get something REALLY lost, mess up the first digit on the zip code.
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Hey, can any of you think of a really classy way to honor people I've lost at my wedding?
(I talk with my students all the time about arranging the sentence so that the time element is logical. I'm keeping that one as an example.)
Let me try again:
At the wedding, I'd like to set up something to honor people I've lost. Anyone have ideas?

I'm thinking of a display table with a rose and a picture of each indivdual and a flower in front of each. I associate certain flowers and colors with each person's funeral. I know that's crazy. But I'd like a picture of me and Donna with a white rose, me and my grandpa with a red carnation, me and my Uncle Farrell (any flower), and one of my grandma and grandpa (something pink for Gma -- pink rose).

Then Dad.
If I had a good picture of me and my dad, I would use it. But the best one I have, I'm a year old and sleeping on his belly.

Maybe my collage of him.
And a small bouquet.
That's classy, right? Not too morbid?

I wonder if Dave wants anyone on the table. He has lost his grandfathers too.


Oct. 20th, 2005 06:50 am
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My favorite spam email header of the day:

be have or ecclesiastical woody

even better than the "sing my unnumbered snooty" of a few weeks ago.

Haven't been posting much. Been crazy busy. But life is good. Really really good.
Shawls might not be delivered on time.
Rings are in transit from New Zeland.
Must figure out flowers today.
Tuxedo vest didn't fit.
Preacher hasn't called us back.

No worries.


Oct. 9th, 2005 10:27 pm
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You know what I need?
Besides a swift kick in the ass?


Why do other girls seem to be on a different planet than I am?

I guess that's not true.  I have some kickass friends. But they're not in this town.  Not here when I need someone to shop for embarassing bridal restraint devices with me (ever tried to hook one of those suckers up by yourself in the dressing room?)  I didn't want to call in the 16 year old folding the panties at the Penny's counter because I was afraid of her sneering at my unshaven arm pits.  Also, dude, I'm in there nekkid.  You gotta KNOW me to see my tits like that. 

I'm at Party warehouse and I don't know if I should buy the orange napkins to tie in with the fall colors, or if they're too gawdy and if I should stick my original marti gras pruple and green.  What about the plates? 

I can remember, years ago, when I was a bridesmaid at a wedding.  Monica was one of the first of my "friends" to get married.  I was to help with the shower (she told me I was the maid of honor so I paid for it and it turned out that I was a bridesmaid.  I put "friends" in quotes because that was high school, where firendships and alliances also meant abuse.  I look back and see how my "friends" treated each other then and I'm glad I don't have any.  Anyway...).

I was helping with this damn shower.  I bought red plastic cups.  My mom was very sympathetic and took them back for the clear plastic cups.  I didn't know the difference.  It was something I did wrong...  the shower was awful...  all these unhappily married women playing a game that I couldn't read the rules to...  the wedding...  *bleh*

I'm sure I think mine is different because it's mine, but man...  I hate this feeling.  I need a girl guide.  Not a girlie girl, because we need to have something in common, but someone who has deep scorn for the bridal restraint device, but not so deep that I'll feel any more conflicted about wearing it. 

I need my sister.
I miss her.  I bitched and complained about her being selfish, but she's not.  I'm trying not to let on how much I absolutely miss her.  It's like...  I don't know what it's like.  I just miss her, that's all.  Not just when I need someone to help me with the hooks on my bridal restraint device.  I just want someone to shoot the shit with.



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